Dear Cesar

Dear Cesar Millan

I have a dog, but I do not own a TV. So I finally downloaded season 1 to 7 of your shows of ‘The Dog Whisperer’!
(Uh yes well… ‘downloading’ because by accident I got myself a dog that is slightly bigger and eats and breaks a slightly little more than I can afford, so now there’s no budget left to buy your shows on DVD. But I promise, when I do have the money some day, I will buy them!)
I really enjoy watching you with your pretty face and your pretty smile, telling me how to dominate a crazy aggressive chiwawa, and how to get a traumatized dog into a school with a slippery floor… but to be honest… I can hardly hear a thing you say, because my dog keeps barking back at those wild hyper dogs barking in your show. He doesn’t seem to understand where the noise is coming from, and now he keeps running around the house looking for whoever is barking at him… oh no wait… now he went for the windowsill… he thinks maybe the intruder is on the balconee… ah no… no he sees he’s not there… now he thinks he might even be in this bonsai-tree-plant-thingy…

Floyd trying to find barking dog in my house.

Please help!

Sincerely Gejanne


Dear Cesar Millan

I just wrote you about my perfect dog who went crazy over the dogs barking on my laptop.
But I might have solved the problem… Looks like he’s slowly getting to understand where the noise is coming from.

Floyd watching 'The Dog Whisperer'