Life’s simple pretty things

Today was one of those days I really really didn’t know what to do with myself.
So I decided to get rid of some energy, get a workout in the mean while, put on my 8-wheeldrives, and skate off out of town.
While getting ready I called my friend on the phone, and he motivated me to put my frustration into some creativity.
Well, to be honest I didn’t really express myself in creativity, but I did get inspired to enjoy the simple pretty things in life…

Yeah baby! those are the skates!

Just a little ditch…but looks pretty!

Two swans came swimming right at me… but got scared and jumped out of the ditch… still pretty.

And than I saw this church which looked gorgeous with the late sunlight…

This bridge made me really curious. This is the weirdest thing ever. A bridge that lifts like an elevator, for just about one and a half meter… Are all the ships supposed to fit under there?!